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spectatorship in public places


This blog is dedicated to the experiences of visual media spectatorship in spaces.  As we stroll the urban streets or speed down the highway, media screens come into our visual fields in ways that fundamentally change and alter our relationship to both public and private space.  This blog reflects on those intersections in daily life, media culture, and art through short-form reflection pieces and photographic essays.

The hope is that this practice will encourage and inspire my academic research into this field. I also hope to spark some discussion and debate through this site, so please do comment on posts.

Thank you for passing by.

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All images in this blog are attributed to their original source and used here under the principle of Fair Use.


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  1. As a painter I couldn’t agree with you more about “Turner”. Did Leigh miss the point because he doesn’t know better, or is it just commercialism aka “Hollywood”? I’ve found no other critics who do nothing less than gush. Mys first clue to the film’s badness was trying to present Turner’s time as photogenically Kodachrome.

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